Nerve Centre

Sydenham International | from May 12, 2022

Nerve Centre, 2017
Eight linen paintings suspended from dowel, oil paint, fabric paint, acrylic and ink on linen. Ink on paper, verso Posca pens on paper.

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Artist Statement

In 2017 I was commissioned by the City of Sydney to create a giant linen curtain for the Juanita Neilsen Community Cnere in Woolloomooloo and the linen I had left over from that project I used here with these 8 drawings using ink applied with lengths of bamboo and oil, fabric pens and Posca pens much the same way I use these to draw onto paper. Of course the linen is much more absorbent as it doesn't have the sizing that the paper has but I enjoyed this process and liked the way the ink was absorbed through the linen. The imagery and text I use was what was in the news media at the time, and I used this information to create the acacophony of words and images much the same way I build up imagery and words with my ink on paper drawings.