World News from Locust Jones

2020 will certainly always play a role in our memories because of Corona and Trump alone. It is a year where once again the democratic self-image of many societies was called into question. A year where, through the multiplication of social media, narratives have developed that seemingly no longer need to be substantiated. And much more. Locust Jones's work News from 2020 reflects and mirrors the news of 2020 in a more or less chronological sequence of what was heard and said. Hesse Design has divided this 10 x 1.8M image into printed sheets and produced them on poster paper in a kind of newspaper. Anyone who is interested and has the space can hang this picture on the wall. The publication consists of 42 printed sheets in A2 format. The assembled picture measures 8.3 x 1.26 m. Instructions for use are enclosed.

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Subterranean Output Five Years of Drawing 2010 - 2015

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