Elevating a Disastrous Situation into a Catastrophe

MOP Projects, Sydney
March 4 - 21, 2010

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Locust Jones's new installation comprises of ink on paper drawings, text pieces and sculptural works. Known for works which delve into contemporary political issues this installation is no exception. Elevating a Disastrous Situation into a Catastrophe grapples with geo politics and the issue of climate change. Jones has produced large Papier Mache globes which are covered with his trade mark energetic and at time manic ink imagery; endangered tigers merge with news headlines and fragmented maps. Other globes are draped with strips of paper laden with news headlines, each one merging into another, mimicking the onslaught of news headlines most of us encounter daily.

The globes coupled are with a large wall work which consists of hundreds of strips of paper scrawled with ink news headlines; ever present is the evidence of Jones process some text is neatly composed while other strips are slurred and messy with mistakes. This pushes the content of the work (namely news headlines) from the realm of mass production into a personal attempt of presenting and understanding headlines, even if it becomes a sad and futile process.

The breadth and urgency of subject in this installation creates a work which is both poignant and timely. It feels like Jones is attempting express everything at once and tackles the weight of global problems head on. Many of us feel politicians, the media and world business leaders are letting the planet down, a sense of anger and helplessness ensues, such opinions underpin this installation and give it a significance and relevance for our time.

Vicky Browne, 2010